Public Speaking

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Public Speaking

Public speaking is the process or act of performing a speech to a live audience. Public speaking is commonly understood as formal, face-to-face, speaking of a single person to a group of listeners. Traditionally, public speaking was considered to be a part of the art of persuasion.

The act can accomplish particular purposes including to inform, to persuade, and to entertain. Additionally, differing methods, structures, and rules can be utilized according to the speaking situation.
Public speaking was developed in Rome and Greece.
Learn Techniques & methods to present you effectively by CXHIRER experienced online trainers

CXHIRER online publics speaking benefits:

  • Strategic presentation & deliver winning speech
  • Learn to deliver powerful speech that become the light of the room
  • Healthy Group discussion & eliminate the hesitation
  • Impress Your Audience & bring more customer on board
  • Deliver an Unforgettable Presentation
  • Increase Your Confidence & Be more presentable in front of clients and senior management
  • Take Participation in competitions
  • Improve the image of the professionally through appearance, behaviour, and communication.
  • Evaluation of a person’s professional image.
  • Upgrade your English speaking skills
  • Personality development & Counselling sessions
  • Corporate trainers from fortune 500 companies
  • Sessions, workshop & training
  • Interview preparation. Grow confidence
  • Workshop
  • Training


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Why Us

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We at CXHIRER take the help of Customer service professionals and have its dedicated customer service hiring model who select and screen the candidates carefully.


Passive candidates are everywhere around us and there are more of them what we can imagine however searching them was never an easy task.

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