Voice And Accent

“ We’re the dedicated customer service recruitment platform and we connect customer experience professionals to organizations: domestic and international call centres.     Sales operations. Technical support. E-mail and chat support. Telemarketing. Non-voice and Back office Operations.         Customer service fulfilment team for e -commerce, food, transport, hotels and other domestic and international internet portals and companies.       Business development Team. Client relationship management (CRM). Front office Operations. Social media consumer escalation team for contact centres. Legal Customer support team. Brand reputation management team. Litigation support services “

Voice And Accent

Correct your diction and improve English pronunciation. Learn vowel and consonant sounds. Learn appropriate word stress to gain clarity in communication. Identify your fluency barriers.
  • Jaw Exercise
  • Tongue Twisters
  • Clear pronunciation
  • Syllable & Syllable Stress
  • Voice Modulation & Intonation
  • US accent Intonation
  • Rate or Speech
  • Vowel Sounds in details
  • Word Stress Compound Nouns
  • Consonants
  • American Consonants
  • Phonetic
  • Improve the quality of your voice
  • More confident in front of your audience


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Why Us

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